Windows 8 Review,Features & Release date

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Reimagining the windows from the origin, Microsoft is gonna arrive with an all new os in the year 2012 known as WINDOWS 8.Microsoft corporation officially unvieled their upcoming operating system WINDOWS 8 on 1 june 2011 at Taipei Computex 2011 in Taipei (Taiwan) and at the D9 conference in California (United States).users are gonna experience tiles instead of icons with the recreated user interface,which is incredibly optimized for touch as well as mice and keyboard. Start button or windows key activates a refreshing new "start screen" which introduces live application tiles through which we can get through to regular desktop or a usual desktop app.a new multi task feature SNAP is being introduced in windows 8 which allows user to operate two app's at the same time side by side,can also resize it to their convenience on screen.experience browsing with the new internet explorer 10 in touch User 8 comes with a on screen keyboard which can be further deduced to a thumb layout keyboard for a natural typing experience.
according to microsoft vice president julie larson greene windows 8 will be having a new developer platform which is based on HTML5 and java 8 will be a SoC[system on a chip] and mobile ARM processors supported.the solution to USB 2.0.Windows 8 supports USB 3.0.which is actually 10x faster than USB 2.0.with in the blink of an eye u can copy all your high definition data using USB 3.0.Theorotically the limit is 5Gb/s.2.Improved file management basics.with the today's amplifying storage capacity in PC's, file management tasks become higher in priority list.with improved file management basic operations in windows 8 you can pause one usb transfer process,when multiple are running or pause multiple transfers,allowing one to transfer rapidly.also Windows 8 comes with a new copy experience which allows user to digtinguish multiple files with same names.Win 8 comes with an advanced windows explorer with a new ribbon where users can find their most used file management tasks at the tip of their fingers.the ribbon in win 8 consists of most used management tasks such as move to ,copy to and also a new function "copy path"comes into light, which most of us don't know,actually copies the path in the address bar.the heart of the home tab,ribbon consists many more important management tasks such as share tab which allows to share files within a network instantaneously.3.Accessing ISO and VHD added support for accessing ISO files and VHD files through explorer is really an worthy feature to look out in without the use of a third part software u can mount and rip ur data into iso's file with a single click from ur home tab.VHD are the same as iso files except u'll get a virtual hard drive by mounting a VHD,where as mounting iso's create a virtual dvd drive.the all new metro style windows 8 will be having some cool new applications which run on full screen.a twitter client,a stock tracking application, an RSS news feeder,a weather application, and a virtual updated task manager called modern task manager,and a PDF reader called modern reader will be available in win 8.Sources within MS say that Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS.Windows 8 will be using
OEM activation 3.0 which makes it less prone to cracks.The system requirements for Windows 8 will be the same as or lower than those of windows 7 and is expected to release in the year 2012.
wait till 2012 there's a whole lot more coming........

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