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In Windows Operating System the files are placed in the free space of the hard drive. The files are stored not in one physical place. As a result a file can be stored in a fragmented way. With the passing of time a computer could have hundreds of fragmented files. These files can be stored broken up in different locations in the hard drive which slow down the performance of the PC. The reason behind this slow performance is the fact that when the PC becomes fragmented with hundreds of files the response time of the computer increases because it takes more time to access information from the fragmented locations. As a result using a defrag program for you computer helps speeding up your computer.
If you defrag your computer with some computer help from experts the process can help your computer to place all pats of a file together on a same place. It organizes and places all the directories and files in a way how you use them. So after the defragmentation program it is certain that your computer will run faster than before.
Before defragmenting your PC you need to make sure you have back up of everything. Computer help experts suggest that you need to check your hard drive health too. They suggest using CHKDSK to scan and to fix any problem in the hard drive.
Now you need to close all the programs that are open. Computer help experts suggest that you need to make sure a constant power supply. If there is any possibility of power outrage you must use the battery backup. Your computer can crash or the operating system can corrupt or both of these can happen at a single time if in the middle of a defragmenatation process the power supply is broken.
Computer help exerts now want you to open the Defrag program. Now you need to click on the button ‘Start’. You will need to locate the Disk Defragmentation program. You need to open the program and click on the program icon. Then you should go to Accessories icon and click it. You must click on System Tools icon and then click on System Tools icon.
Now you must click the Analyze button and analyze the hard drive whether it needs defragmentaion or not. The result screen will tell you whether you should carry on a defragmentation or not. If the result says that your hard drive does not need it then you must not be benefited much by doing it. Otherwise, you should go on to defrag your hard drive.
If the analyze program result suggest that your hard drive needs defragmentation you can go ahead with it. Click on the button Defragment. Now you will have to give time to run the program. The program will take some time. The time can vary from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the issues like the speed of the processor, the memory, the fragmentation process etc. When the process complete, you will need to close the program.

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