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Posted by Umar Ananda Riyadi

In 2011, many industry observers who say that last year was the emergence of mobile malware. This means, it could be the year 2012 became a real threat to users perangat move.

Some time ago, security vendor Symantec to create a blog (can be viewed here: regarding the application of new fake Steek on a site called Android Android Market official.

Not long after, Symantec found a new mobile malware attempting to exploit the fears of other Android users controversies surrounding Carrier IQ (can be seen here: malware).

Android.Qicsomos malware is disguised as an eraser tool Carrier IQ. These attacks targeting smart phone users in France with the scheme of sending text using premium numbers hidden.

Not just stop there, malware authors have also found ways to get around the Android application authorization model in certain situations. The threat is characterized among others by a certificate issued as part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

This allows the application to a particular device is installed on the screen without having to go through the usual notice of licensing is the main defense mechanism to face dangerous applications.

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