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Somewhere down the line, all of us end up having issues with our PC. And yes in the recent times, the Windows 7 OS has also not been spared from this ignominy. Forcing us to get either in touch with not so easy to afford computer repair specialists or call in professionals who have limited technical acumen to help us out of the situation on hand.

So, just before you end up throwing in the towel try these handy techniques which might just get your OS running up and again. And in case if somehow such techniques do not work then maybe calling in tech support specialists from a premier tech support provider such as PCCare247 may go ahead and keep you in good stead.

PCCare247 advantage comes to the for

Amongst all the advantages the Windows 7 OS boasts of; one handy troubleshooting option really standing out is the Windows Recovery Environment (Win RE). An easy to use option, the Win RE is installed on a hidden system partition and starts automatically as and when Windows 7 fails to start properly.

It is really worth mentioning, the Win RE has several options including System Restore to roll back the computer system back to an earlier stage, perform a startup repair of essential system files, carry out a memory test and perform an image restore. These recovery tools when further combined with other command-line tools allow a PC user to not only analyze and fix a variety of startup problems related to boot sector and record problems but for that matter even allow all issues to be fixed related to default boot configuration data store.

Launching the recovery procedure

For launching the System Recovery tools, start your Windows 7 computer in Safe Mode by pressing F8 at boot up. Choose the first option listed as repair from the available options. (Note: Users can create a System Repair Disk through the Action center in the Backup and Repair section)
Steps for using System Repair Disk:
  • Boot up the system with Windows 7 Recovery Disk
  • On the boot screen select the preferred language
  • Select system recovery options and keyboard layout (usually US)
  • Windows 7 spends time searching for operating systems on hard drive
  • On the dialog box select Microsoft Windows and click Next
  • Select startup repair from list of recovery tools. The other tools can end up comprising of system restore, Windows complete PC restore, Windows memory diagnostics and Win PE Command
  • Wait for startup repair to
  • examine your system
  • look for problems
  • try to fix them automatically
  • If Start up Repair is unable to repair the computer, you will be prompted to send information to Microsoft. Click the View diagnostic and repair details link to see what the Startup Repair tool did, or tried to do
And even if somehow your Windows 7 OS continues to act up, you can take a breather for PCCare247 Microsoft Support will always be there to the rescue and will bail you out as and when called upon.

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