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Posted by umar ananda riyadi

The other day my desktop wasn’t working properly and I kept on trying the vendor’s helpline but I couldn’t manage to get through. Frustration was taking its toll on me and escalation through internet groups wasn’t helping things out either. And finally when things turned to despair, I set up myself for the long haul. Yes, it might sound weird but getting in touch with the CEO of the PC vendor was my only semblance of hope for salvaging the situation.

Well, now when I reflect back on the scenario, I would say it wasn’t all that farfetched, considering the fact that everything is deep entrenched into IT and one simply can’t do with service interruptions happening at all levels. Moreover, even the slightest of flaws plaguing computer support can end up turning out to be a matter of life or death.

PCCare247 acted as a second line of defense:
A good majority of vendors specializing in after sales computer support concentrate on first-call closure by using pre-planned scripts.  The ticket is then again passed on to the second or third line support if there is still no resolution in sight. But then again what if the server or data center doesn’t resolve the issue, the ticket is still open and the client has no answer whatsoever. Leading to a situation where I thanked my lucky stars that the issue on hand was escalated to a premier third party vendor such as PCCare247.   

Having best personnel on hand always helps:

The golden rule of high-end computer support demands the best technicians to be on hand as and when the situation demands it.  And as I also found out many tech companies such as PCCare247 were more than willing to provide direct lines for their own TOC (Technical Operations Centre). Staffed 24x7, the techies at the organization were more than happy to provide expert solutions round-the-clock. Once contacted, they responded immediately thus saving me from the hassle of going through a TAM (Technical Account Manager). Last but not the least, at PCCare247; the professionals were more than ready to do a “warm handoff” to the TOC. A situation wherein I observed the client waits on the phone until the vendor is available rather than making a client wait for a call back, essentially combining a number of facets which go a long way towards providing seamless customer service experience.

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