MHW2160BJ, the Authoritative HDD from Fujitsu

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

A Japan-based electronics company Fujitsu unfolded this monumental 160 GB HDD codenamed MHW2160BJ. This HDD is part of Fujitsu’s powerful HDD MHW2 series the pioneer in the business of having a 7,200 rpm with a serial ATA 3.0 GB/S interface. Anyway MHW2160BJ is able to transmit data at the speed of 300 MB/S probably the fastest in the HDD enterprise. Furthermore MHW2160BJ operates too at power-effective 2.3 watts when writing and reading data and generates a hushed 2.5 bels noise level when inactive or idling. This powerhouse HDD from Fujitsu will be available worldwide this fast approaching May in the current year.

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