Hitachi Unveiled its New Dust-size RFID Microchip

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

The Japanese high-tech company Hitachi shows off their miniscule-size RFID microchip which doesn’t have a name yet as of the moment. This Radio Frequency Identification chip can be employed to trail and mark a particular thing such as the flow of food items or shielding against counterfeiting of concert tickets. A dust-size RFID chip like this is able to cache data at 38- digit number the same capacity of its predecessor the Mu-chip RFID chip but this brand-new chip at 0.05 millimeters is 60 times smaller than Mu-chip’s 0.4 millimeters according to Masuyuki Takeuchi the Hitachi’s spokesman. But there’s a slight downside to this latest RFID chip, it needs an external antenna dissimilar to its forerunner the Hitachi Mu-chip RFID which has a built-in antenna.

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