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Browser Hassles can very well end up becoming an impediment in the way we conduct our business on the World Wide Web. For not only would we be unable to check our mails but most important of all socializing with near and dear ones on sites like Facebook and Twitter becomes a tough prospect. Considered as pivotal in the today’s scenario as such sites end up becoming a window for us to share our thoughts and vice versa give others a peek into our lives. Well, then again just to cut it short, it would be anything but tough to survive at the end of the day without such sites.

Superlative Browser Support is a mere call away

Calling up on expensive technicians and asking them for a home visit is not a feasible scenario. For at the end of the day such professionals apart from being expensive to afford but at times they may not be able to deliver services in accordance with our expectations. So, without any delay, at PCCare247 we would recommend a few easy pointers which can save you from the ignominy of wrestling with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or whatever program you would be using to access the Web.

Easy Tips and Techniques to get you underway

Calling up a premier Online Technical Support provider such as PCCare247 is an easy way out to sort out your issues. But then again at times, being a responsible entity, we do feel paying heed to our Tech Support advice would not only allow you to keep all issues at bay but even taking them head on the next time around. So, here we go, starting with our Tech Help objectives, well just for you:

- Blocking Annoying Ads, Not Just Pop-Ups
- Printing only what you want
- Learning Nifty Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Gestures
  • Ctrl-T: Open a new tab
  • Ctrl-N: Open a new window
  • Ctrl-W: Close the current tab
  • F5: Refresh the current page
  • Ctrl-L: Highlight the URL bar
  • Ctrl and +: Zoom in
  • Ctrl and -: Zoom out
  • Ctrl-0: Return to the default zoom level

  • Ctrl-[: Go back one page
  • Ctrl-]: Go forward one page
  • Spacebar: Move down one full screen
  • Home: Jump to the top of a Web page
  • End: Jump to the bottom of a Web page

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