why the computer is very necessary

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

Computer development is increasing from year to year, even in 2012, has a lot of computer knowledge in the production of many of us use a computer for editing photos or make heard the song, but for a job that is a computer a computer that works optimally requires needed.

with computers and the Internet network, we can connect to parts of the world, including the increasing number of growing social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., we can acquaintance with people who are far away, and you get all the things in the world familiar with only a computer and the Internet.

Computer in the world needs is increasing as well as food, we really need a computer and the Internet to connect with the outside world without computers and the Internet, we will se inmate in prison who do not know the word out.

Computer is very important in their daily lives and the computer is very much in use in a military enterprise, for example, police and others.

Now we know why the computer is very important to us.

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