Samsung Vendor Hot Android Smartphone 2x iPhone

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Android smartphone market position in America today is close to twice the championship of the iPhone. According to latest data released last Friday (20 Jan) of the IGR research institutions, 47% owner of the Android smartphone in the U.S., while 24% use the iPhone

IGR also found that Samsung has now become the most popular smartphone manufacturer in America. Samsung Android smartphone owners make the most popular brand, while Motorola is in second position followed by HTC and LG.

Less than half of Android users do some research before deciding to buy a smartphone. Meanwhile, 27% ​​said that Google is the big names that made ​​them to decide to buy android phone.

"Understanding why consumers choose certain brands and smartphones are important to the success of OEMs in the mobile phone market is very tight in America," said analyst Sarah Thoman of IGR. "As a user of a particular brand of mobile phones may influence the choice of the Android-powered smartphone, then there are many other factors that also influence the decision. For example, the display quality and function of the handset factor in whether someone a particular Smartphone buy or not  

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mobile repeaters said...

Samsung Fascinate offers some of the best features one would like to have on a smartphone. Samsung is hitting the U.S. market with Android phones these days. One of them is the Samsung.

bestuurbare helicopter said...

Samsung is leading smartphone vendor who is most effectively used android in their smartphones. Samsung smartphones are most favourite among android smartphone users.

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