Ransomware: Get Ready for Cyber-Age Extortion!

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

What if somebody comes and put your computer on gunpoint and ask you for extortion money? You must say, it’s totally insane, or how it can be possible? But, yes it’s true as hackers have stumbled upon this idea and given their bewildering ideas a chance to turn into reality. They are now up with their novelistic gimmick- Ransomware. Alike to its name, Ransomware is more an iniquitous-to-the-core contraption, which has been formulated to siphon out your money by evoking your internal fear.

What all it takes to be a ransomware?

The formulation of new marketing tactics by cyber thugs is on as usual, but now in a very different avatar. In professional lingo, Ransomware is a malicious code that has born with a sole instinct to lock down your valuable files into an encrypted archive and then asking for money in lieu of restoring these files. A fast picking trend, ransomware deals with data, files, and end-user manipulation.

Getting to extortion business

Let’s anatomize the very core of this extortion affair. It all starts when you visit any compromised site and get dirtied by this malware through drive-by-download attack. Once installed, this lout encrypts the crucial of your documents in an archive and then impels you to pay ransom money through services such as Paysafecard or Ukash, in order to swab its dabs of deviltry. Once the ruffian gets the whiff of your money, then only it releases the password to disengage the files. More advanced ransomware scenarios now influence multiple forms of end-user manipulation and extortion. Read More...

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