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A tablet PC that plan would be released at the end of this year. Her name is Fiona Project PCs are equipped with high-tech capabilities to support all current game types.

When shown in CES 2012 yesterday, Project Fiona get a pretty good response from visitors. Especially memorable judged from its futuristic enough, and its ability to play top class games like Space Marine who had demonstrated in the event. Excess Intel Core i7 and GPU-owned works pretty well. This is evident from the framerate stable running. Machines also do not feel too hot after a minute of the game.

Like most tablet PCs, Project Fiona equipped with a screen size 10 inch screen with support for multitouch features. Razer also equip it with additional accelerometer technology and a controller on the right side of his left. As with most gaming controller, this controller is equipped with an analog button and other supporters of a few buttons. With all the advantages above, Fiona Project is priced below $ 1000, a very decent price for a gadget this class.
In the demo CES 2012, the Project Fiona performed using the Windows 7 OS. But the recognition of Razer, Windows 7 is just a temporary use, when it was released later Fiona Project will use Windows 8. Surely this is a good news considering the ability of Windows 8 is very friendly with gaming features. Besides gaming, Project Fiona can also be used for purposes other multimedia such as videos and surfing the internet.

Inclusion of Windows 8 is expected to support the well online capabilities in Project Fiona. Therefore, in addition equipped with a controller capable of feedback on his left and right side of the touchscreen display, Fiona also supports the existence of the Mouse and Keyboard. You are free to play with using the controller as you like. In addition to Project Fiona, actually Razer also preparing a high-en gadgets again in the field of gaming that they named Razer Blade. The difference with Fiona Project, Razer Blade is a super-sophisticated laptops that plan would be sold at a price of $ 2800. In addition to the sophisticated specifications, this laptop equipped with touchscreen capability on the screen. In addition, the Razer Blade also comes with an LED display button!
Personally, I hope that Razer can be successful with these two gadgets at the top. I salute their courage in making a new gadget, especially those involving gaming such as Project Fiona and Razer Blade. And hopefully many new companies that are inspired by their actions.


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