Now on FCC, Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone

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North American model of capitalism and free market, is the latest in the world market for Samsung Galaxy note. I want this because it is the 5.3 "screen is a good compromise between the size of the tablet in any rule of the screen and the small screens of smart phones. Now on FCC, Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone for AT&T.
I do not want to take a tablet anywhere you go, while a handheld tablet as the Galaxy Post is still in me, I am delighted with the stylus to write text-based, which is more natural, especially in meetings -. when people see that writing on a device in a meeting, if you are not texting someone. My friend bought a ticket Galaxy released a few days ago, the phone very very good. I can not wait for the people of experience phone AT & T.

Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone for AT&T
So not long in coming. Shortly after our dirty gloves variant of AT & T Samsung Galaxy note at CES, the jumbo phone has made its way into the loving arms of Uncle Sam to the FCC. Of course, it is not advertised as such, but the documentary evidence shows that the SGH-i717 phone packing UMTS / HSPA + (21Mbps) and GSM / EDGE radios in the world, and Ma Bell to use the 4 LTE bands and 17 passed the test with flying colors emissions from the FCC. :)

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