Nagging PC Issues are Bound to Bite the Dust – Read How?

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

It wasn’t one of those ordinary nights because at the back of my mind I knew the next morning held forth the promise of something truly extraordinary for me. And yes it was also a force egging me on to work tirelessly well in the wee hours of the night. I really had lost track of time for the presentation I was working on would very well end up deciding my foray further into the echelons of the top rung hierarchy. So, here I was just tapping away furiously at my laptop, scrambling to get my presentation in shape for the next day’s meeting with the Vice President of Ops.

Fight or Flight response dilemma always weighs heavy
I woke up the next morning all bright and shiny. High in spirits I was truly in a self congratulatory mood for I knew my immaculate presentation was bound to bring high laurels. But then somehow at this juncture curiosity ended up getting the better of me and I couldn’t refrain myself from taking one more look at my presentation.

All excited I took out my laptop and switched it on, the lit up screen, the flickering lights, and yes the Windows boot up tune never seemed so appealing. I waited with bated breath for the start icon to come up, and yes patience was running thin as I knew this was the last time I would view my presentation before the meeting. And from there on the wait somehow turned into an eternity till my worst fear the blue screen of death ended up making an undesirable appearance. My heart started racing and I knew the rescue act had to be carried out fast.

Online Tech Support Rocks
I frantically ended up calling my friend who told me to relax because he had also faced such a situation in the past. Not being much of a techie himself he found out that Googling for Online Tech Support instantly bailed him out of an impasse. One of those extraordinary situations where led to the discovery of PCCare247 - a premier online tech support provider specializing in helping hapless PC users round-the-clock. Home to some of the most proficient techies around in the tech support industry, the organization is renowned for helping PC users with popular software applications, removal of malware and subsequent support for MP3 players, digital cameras, PC Migration and OS migration. Portfolio of services available 24x7 and coming in good if a computer breaks during the weekend, in the middle of the night or even on a holiday.

Coming in good when it matters the most
The dreaded blue screen of death was staring me in the face and was acting as a constant reminder of an imminent career threatening failure awaiting me later in the day. A case wherein I was desperate to try the toll-free number for PCCare247 handed over to me by my friend. It was anything but my only hope. Scared I dialed the number all prepared for the worst. But to my surprise I ended up finding out the online tech support representative was very technically sound and had the technical skills to bail me out of my misery. All he ended up doing was taking control of my PC through a remote session. Working on the issue for the next good 30 minutes he brought back my laptop to life once again. And yes that too importantly with my presentation all safe and intact at the same time. Better still at the end of the only charging me a meager 99 dollars for the service provided.

An angel sent from above….
The incident has changed my life around big time. Not only did I realize the virtues of Online Tech Support but I also ended up realizing not all online ventures are frauds and tricksters. In every way considered to be popular perception among those who do not apprise of the online world and its ways. However, kudos to PCCare247 for holding out its own irrespective of all the darkness that lurks in the online world.


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