History of Computer Viruses

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History of Computer Viruses | So far we are already familiar with the term computer virus, even we know the dangers of computer viruses or even some of us can make a computer virus. But announcing you, how the history of computer viruses are created. But before we discusses about how the history of computer viruses, I had flashbacks to the meaning or definition of a computer virus.

Understanding or definition of Computer Viruses
Computer Viruses are malicious computer programs that deliberately for a particular purpose. Each virus has its own characteristics, in accordance with the purpose sipembuat virus. There are viruses that only the destruction done to the system, but there are also viruses that do not undergo a destruction of the system but to steal data from infected computers.

Okay, it is a fragment of a computer to know in terms of definition. Now let's look at the history of the creation of computer viruses.

The history of computer viruses - computer viruses tahuyn first discovered in 1981, its name virus 'in the wild'. The virus named Elk Cloner spread through floppy disks on the Apple II computer. 1983 Fred Cohen in his paper entitled "Computer Viruses - Theory and Experiments' provides the first definition of computer virus and describe experiments that have been done to prove the concept of a computer virus. Together with Len Adelman, he creates an example of a virus on a VAX 11/750 computer with the Unix operating system

It was the first version of the history of computer viruses. But there is also another version which says a computer virus was created in 1949 along with the creation of a computer. One computer creator John von Newman, who created the Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (EDVAC), says in his book entitled "Theory and Organization of Complicated Automata". That the possibility suattu program that can spread by itself. The development of computer viruses occurred at AT & T Bell Laboratory one computer lab in the world which has resulted in many things, such as C and C + + .1 In this laboratory, circa 1960's, every time off the researchers to make a game with a program that can destroy the ability to correct itself and behind the opponent's attack position. In addition, the game program can reproduce itself automatically. War of the program is called Core War, the winner is the owner of the largest remaining programs within a certain time interval. Because aware of the dangers of the program, especially if the laboratory is leaking out, then every game is completed, the program is always destroyed.

See both versions of the history of computer viruses, the most fundamental difference is the history of the creation of computer viruses for the first time. In my opinion, a more relefan and closer to the truth is the first virus created in 1949. While stating that the virus was first discovered kompuer is already entered a period of war-free virus.

Okay, I myself am not a historian. To view the history of the true or authentic Vedanta does not need support. If kuran satisfied please ask your computer historians. :)

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