Cisco BPX switches

Posted by Umar Ananda Riyadi

Cisco BPX switches such as the Cisco BPX series are network switches. Network switches usually refer to a multi-port device that processes and connects data together through a network.

Network switches are critically important in local area networks (or LAN) in the modern world of Internet connectivity. If you have a small office or an office at home, then you may only need a single switch to keep connectivity. Larger offices, especially connected corporate environments of any size, may need several switches.

Switches can either be used for establishing data links, or specifically for network functions. If you have more than one of these functions it’s called multilayer.

Possible Uses-

Cisco BPX switches have integrated services available as well, such as an IP VPN, which allows users to connect to a computer at an office while they are still at home. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and a BPX switch will certainly be needed if this is something you want to do. Allowing employees to do some work from the comforts of their home can be a real draw to the job.

BPX switches can also be critical in the use of voice over IP. This is called “VoIP” for short. VoIP is a new way of communicating without the need for an outside phone line. VoIP services make use of the switch to create a voice connection over the Internet, allowing two people to talk to one another just like they would using a more traditional phone. In many cases, VoIP can be much cheaper than using a traditional phone line. It can also have more versatility since all you need is Internet connectivity instead of having to worry about bars on your phone service.

The BPX switch is also often needed in the case of IP fax relays. This is another integrated service it has. This allows you to connect to other devices for the purpose of sending and receiving faxes over the Internet. This approach to faxing can be much less expensive and much less of a hassle than attempting to use a phone line as is traditionally needed. This is because you can’t make use of your phone while the fax is active. If anyone tries faxing you over the phone-line while you are using it, someone will get a nasty earful of line noise.

General Network Switch Use-

IP services that connect users to the Internet are increasingly rapidly in both the developed world and in third world countries. This means that Cisco BPX switches will be needed by companies connected with offering IP services more than at any other point in the past.

And this need is unlikely to stop growing any time soon. Network switches like the BPX are needed when you have a network that needs bridges to connect the entire thing together. They provide connectivity that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. BPX switches are like a bridge that connect two parties together, who would be stuck on opposite sides of a river without it.

By: Vincent A Rogers

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