Apple iPhone 4S Review,Specifications,Price Range,Release Date 2011

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Firstly...Hail to...A genius who started his carrer at his parents garage,who stupefied the world with his innovative gadgets,who redefined the power of computing,who inspired today's geeks,whose proud ideas are imitated everywhere, yes he is the one who gave us the amazing gift apple. fighting his last days with pancreatic cancer,steve paul jobs died on oct 6th 2011 ,leaving everyone in deep sadness. :(Steve Jobs 1955-2011

APPLE iPHONE 4S is proclaimed officially, by the new apple ceo Tim Cook on october 5th 2011.iPhone 4S is an upgraded iphone 4 packed with a 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Apple A5 chipset which delivers 2 times the original performance.
First thing u'll notice in iPhone 4S is an incredible 7 times increased perfomance  in graphics with  PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU,which is capable of playing the games real smooth.EPIC game infinity blade 2 is demoed at the official announcement which really dazzled our eyes with its extraordinary gaming textures in a crystal clear HD resolution.

CAMERA and OS :An 8 MegaPixel camera with a CMOS sensor capable of 1080P video recording is the second thing to notice in the iPhone 4s,which definitely makes other smartphone cameras laughable.Thirdly Apple iPhone 4S is launching with iOS 5,which will also be rolling to iphone 4 and iphone 3gs, a significant upgrade,with improved notifications,an indepth integrated twitter app,brand new app reminders,iCloud support and last but not the least it supports HSDPA upto 14.4MBPS.
INTRODUCING SIRI :iPhone 4S dropped the jaw of every one with this new awesome app called SIRI which is a voice recognised personal assistant.SIRI actually takes your commands and finds the best possible solutions for you.Unlike google's voice search ,SIRI is on a completely whole new level,which is integrated wisely and deeply into iOS apps.U'll be hearing SIRI,a female voice which can actually send a message,check traffic,weather,notify your reminders,and gets your replies,brings up some nice restaurants for your date,shows up cool movie theatres nearby.....everything done without a sweat.all you have to do is's so simple,easy and the coolest  top notch ifeature till now.

An amazing 8 hrs of talktime on 3G and and 14 hours on 2G,iPhones 4S is geared up with a decent battery.with video playback gives 10 hours and with music playback gives 40 hours of power.OS : iOS 5 with iCloud support.CAMERA : 8 MegaPixel WITH 1080P recording.1Ghz Dual-Core Processor with A5 chipset.Apple iPhone 4S will be available by the end of this month i.e., end of OCTOBER to all the major countries namely usa,australia,uk,japan etc.... and the price ranges as $199 for 16GB,$299 for 32GB and a new 64GB model for $399.
CONCLUSION :So,lastly iPhone 4S looks the same as iPhone 4 from outside,which makes us a little dissappointed.

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