Sort Out Your Antivirus Package Prudently

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Individuals and organizations always end up facing complicated buying decisions when it comes to buying anti-virus solutions. Often confused between brands such as Norton and Mcafee, Vipre and Avast, Kaspersky or Panda; not being able to make up their mind on how and which antivirus protection suite would best end up standing tall on their stringent requirements.

Why to go for antivirus software?

The negative impact from malware is perceived so threatening authorities such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS have laid out many regulations and standards to enlighten organizations about their potency. Giving way to a scenario where antivirus software is considered as quintessential in many organizations to prevent any malicious attacks on networks and systems.

Software application at the end of the day coming in good towards minimizing any potential damage resulting from Worms, Trojans, Keystroke Loggers and Root Kits. But then as it is the case even though antivirus software installs are straightforwardly non-negotiable, the choices facing corporate anti-malware buyers are almost considered to be labyrinthine in their complexity.

Which antivirus solution to opt for?

Although it is possible to purchase single purpose antivirus solutions, a good majority of organizations find it easier to combine a number of functions into a single agent. For at the end of the day, benefits of any single agent include a smaller installation footprint and a single point of control for policy management.

However, names for a good deal of combined-function agents end up comprising of security suites, endpoint security and total protection. A bare minimum of what’s in a standard antivirus suite; inclusive of scanning for viruses as well as a personal firewall. And yes what’s more with such security suites considered to be mature in their overall orientation they have been offered by major players in a majority of antivirus industries over a number of years.

PCCare247 takes antivirus support to the next level

Taking multifunction antivirus support to the next level, companies such as PCCare247 have teamed up with names such as Avast to offer additional security controls comprising of full NAC integration (with quarantine and patching support), DLP (data loss prevention) functionality, file encryption Web2.0 (e. g. cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting attacks) and browser protection, and messaging hygiene with anti-spam and instant messaging filtering. Controls one would end up considering as pivotal for safeguarding computers from a range of unscrupulous elements residing on the World Wide Web.

PCCare247 and Avast a force to reckon with in the antivirus industry have joined hands to offer computer users unique solutions for their fight against viruses, malwares and Trojans found in the cyber world. In fact, as it goes every solution offered guarantees PC users are bound to win their freedom against viruses.

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