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Round-the-clock Microsoft support services can go a long way towards taking your efficiency to the next level. But then as they also tend to say prevention is better than cure; PCCare247 has come up with its own set of pointers which can go a long way towards guaranteeing the safety of data stored on your PC as well as enhancing its security. To start with:

• Work closely with the IT guys
At the end of the day working closely with the IT guys really pays off. Installation of patches and updates recommended by the IT department can go a long towards enhancing the operational capability of your system. To further add to it, IT professionals may even recommend the installation of security software such as a firewall or custom software to keep your PC as well as company’s network as secure as possible.

• Using unconventional passwords
Passwords are a PC user’s first line of defense against attackers trying to hack into your system. Passwords made by combining characters such as words and numbers are potentially your best bet against all malicious elements. On the other hand users should also take care to ensure they are not using the save password option which could only end up making things easier for a hacker.

• Network resources in lieu of local ones
Putting files and folders on the network is a much better option than compared to accessing the same on local folders. Moreover, care should be taken to ensure the access to such files on the network is given only to those who are authorized to view them.

• Encryption of files or data containing confidential information
Any Microsoft support professional will tell you that encryption of files to be transmitted over the network is the best way to keep them secure. Using the Encrypting File System (EFS) one can successfully end up encrypting files and folders safely on Windows Vista as well as Windows XP.

• Utilizing the junk email filter
PC users can take advantage of the junk email filter in Outlook to segregate spam or junk mail from the relevant ones. Further, using the filter also ends up ensuring potentially harmful mails containing viruses are kept in a secure location. Something that tends working well towards negating threats which an infected mail might end up posing to the system.

However, if still PC users feel their systems are vulnerable to threats they can get touch with PCCare247 round-the-clock. The premier microsoft support entity with its highly professional and brilliant team of professionals would be anything but more than happy to oblige.

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