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Windows, the highly cherished and beloved OS from the Microsoft stable is also not free from its own set of follies. And when glitches and errors do hit the system hard, you can rest assure your productivity is bound to go for a toss. So, just to end up making things more productive for you, we are recommending steps which would allow you to launch an easy search for files, print faster and take the overall efficiency to the next level. Well, then just to go ahead we are indeed pointing out some easy steps out for you. Starting with:

  • Printing via Windows Explorer :In case if you want to print a Word document there is no need for you to open up the document and then give a print command. For what you can simply do is just make a right-click on the word document in the Windows Explorer and simply give a print command. The step will automatically send your document to the printer without even launching the application.
  • Tag programs to the Start Menu: According to Microsoft support professionals tagging programs to the start menu is the best way of quickly starting programs up. And in order to do that all you need to do is just click on Start Go to All Programs Locate a favorite program Right click on it and select the option “pin to start menu”. So the next time onwards when you would want to start the program you can end up saving a lot of time which otherwise would go into searching for the program.

    In order to undo the same step just go ahead and make a right click on the program and select the unpin option from the start menu or one which says remove the program from the list.
  • Sending mail anywhere from the desktop : A file can be sent in a jiffy and the best way of going about it is to locate the file on the computer Do a right click Select the option Send to and click on Mail Recipient. This step ends up opening a mail message with an attached file you intend to send. The really good thing about this step is you don’t end up opening a mail program; all for the simple reason that at any point in time only a single message is sent.

But then again for all those who feel some issues are still lingering and Windows is functioning well below its optimum capacity can go ahead and get in touch with PCCare247. Considered as a blue-chip entity where high-end Microsoft Support is delivered round-the-clock no matter what.

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