Apache: Air Assault

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

Pilot multiple attack choppers armed with the latest in military technology in Apache: Air Assault from Activision. Your goal is to fly to various international hotspots to neutralize a series of terrorist threats. Over the course of 16 multi-stage missions, you'll engage enemies in the air and on the ground along the African coast, across Middle Eastern mountains, and through Central American jungles. The terrain has been re-created from high resolution map photos taken by satellite. Two play settings include an "arcade" option for fast-paced action and a "realistic" option for more simulation-style elements. The game's campaign mode can be played alone or cooperatively with a friend on the same television screen, while online options allow for competitive action in a choice of formats, from Team Deathmatch and Ground Attack to Capture the LZ and Ground Strike.

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