Solve Your Computer Hardware Problems

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

In this article I am going to give you a quick guide on troubleshooting hardware problems. A lot of problems can usually be fixed my changing a few simple settings, updating a driver or reinstalling a program.
First things first. Make sure all the cables are in firmly and are not faulty, also make sure any add-in cards such as graphics cards are firmly pressed in and if needs be take them out and re seat them.
Try doing a virus or spyware scan, even though it may appear that a piece of hardware is causing the problem, viruses can also cause blue screens and annoying messages. A good free program to run though would be Malwarebytes.
Another main problem can be out dated drivers or software. Try going to the manufacturers website and downloading the latest packages. These can almost always be found in the download or support area of the website.
If you think you know what piece of hardware is causing the problem try changing it for another. For example recently I had a computer which every time it tried to burn a movie or any songs to a disk it would blue screen, I swapped out the drive an replaced for another and hey presto! It worked fine after that.
Try testing individual pieces of hardware. There is a lot of free software that can test your hardware for you. Simply set it off and see if any errors come up, these can all be found on Google and some of the best ones I have come across are:
- Ultimate Boot CD
A massive amount of free testing tools including hard drive, memory and graphics testing software.
- Memtest
A memory testing piece of software.
- SpeedFan
Will show you the temperature of you CPU, GPU and hard drive to make sure your computer is not over heating.
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