Windows Vista Launched in Japan

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

Last Monday under the freezing temperature Japanese geeks suffered a short-term amnesia and forgot how yummy sushi is as they were totally going euphoric and salivating to get hold their dreamed OS the much-touted "WINDOWS VISTA". But thru the compassion of the software vendors they were able to seize the fantasized OS without having to languish further under the chilly climate because shops were open at the midst of the night just to quench the thirst for VISTA of the techie crowd.Since there are legion of Windows worshippers lined up to snatch the much-hyped WINDOWS VISTA who is willing to shell something out for ¥14,490 Home Basic Upgrade and ¥51,240 for the Ultimate Edition for sure Mr. Gates is certainly grinning, singing and springing right now all the way to the bank.

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