007 USB Flash Drive

Posted by umar ananda riyadi

Presently, the so-so computer users down the outskirts and the IT pros who are wary about data security are striving seriously how to protect their sensitive corporate and personal information amassed in their hard drives. In as much as we overlook that our USB sticks are seemingly susceptible to data thievery as well because it takes no pain snapping out that unsecured pint-size memory gadget from our laptops. To complicate this predicament an individual with vicious intentions are just lurking all over the place in our favorite coffee shops, airport lounges and even in our homely working places ready to gobble up our confidential data to be used for their criminal causes or as a part of their corporate espionage. As a result, catching their business rivals off-balance upon knowing that their operational secrets were passed to their industry competitors.
As a resolve, a Taiwanese firm Sensorial Material Lab Co., Ltd. made-up this 007 USB flash drive which is armed at all points to keep would-be data snatchers at bay. This waterproof USB stick has a sufficient data security to deter casual data grabbers to pluck out your USB stick from your computer. Stainless steel housing is inherent to this USB flash drive which is fitted also with combination lock to prevent the cover from accidental dislodging and the whole USB flash drive from loss by employing a steel anti-theft cable. Setting the USB stick to your laptop's USB port is exclusive for those who know the combination to the lock and for extra security data encryption function is furnished for this 007 USB flash drive guarding our data from perilous intrusion from potential high-tech crooks and allowing access solely to thosewho know the correct password.
Eventually, I'm quite sure you're convinced now that we are not totally helpless against these chancy and risky individuals who made a living at our own detriment.

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